Anonymous :
Hi c:

Hi friend!

“I would get high every day
if it meant forgetting you
and all that you do.”
— A.E.M.
“I miss you every second of everyday and I hope that one day me putting my head on your shoulder will be normal again. Nothing is the same without you.”
— A.M.

I’m drunk and want a new friend.

Someone help with this immediately please.

Did you recently change your URL?

Yes I did! I used to be words-from-books.

“I’m drunk and I’m alone and I’m scared.
I’m scared of love and I’m scared of failure.
I’m alone by choice
but lonely because no one
makes me feel like I belong.
I’m drunk and all I can think about is
the sadness.
It’s pulling me under.
I’m waiting to be saved but
when will I realize I need to save
— A.M.
“At night I drink
to forget
It never works.”
— A.M.